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Happy Easter Everyone!!
Today I took some pictures of my sweet baby girl Rachael! Hope you enjoy!


Laura and her family

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Today I had the privilege of photographing a great group of people! Laura and I went to high school together and she was kind enough to ask me to take her family pictures while she was in town this week! Here are just a couple of her and her family. Enjoy!


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Well, this is the first blog entry for my photography and I was hoping to have a lot of new pictures for you all.
We drove to Helen, GA yesterday hoping it wouldn’t be raining to badly and that we could get some great pictures since it’s such a unique town and we had the little ones in town. Unfortunately, what the weatherman meant by isolated showers was a constant down pour that caused us to immediately run for cover after getting out of the car and paying for parking and leaving to head home shortly after eating lunch. I managed to get just a couple pictures but nothing compared to what I was hoping for. Be on the lookout though because we WILL be making another trip when it’s not so damp and cold because the town is so cute and charming! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!